Discover the field buffet: How much space does your favorite pizza need?

Invitation to try
Make your favorite pizza! Be creative and combine the ingredients that you see here at the field buffet. How about a delicious vegetable pizza? Or pizza salami? Which other pizzas can you create? Add up the space required for the individual ingredients and find out how many m2 of area you need for your pizza!

Why do pizzas take up different amounts of area?
The field buffet shows you how big the area is for growing the ingredients for a family pizza (for 4 people). It also shows how different the area requirements for different pizza toppings can be. We need more area and resources to produce animal-based foods such as salami or cheese than to produce plant-based foods such as flour or mushrooms. Why is that? Animals must be fed several times a day for them to give milk or grow big enough to be slaughtered. In addition to the area that animals need to live and grow, the cultivation of animal feed particularly takes up a lot of space. In contrast, the peppers for your pizza can be harvested directly and placed on your pizza. If you have an area of 25m2 you can either use it to produce 1 kg of beef or 25 kg of bread. This example shows that land for growing plant-based foods can be used very efficiently.

Time for utopias
Many people dream of a just world and a healthy and green planet. Along the climate path, we would like to invite you to think about what a more climate-friendly world could look like. Suppose you had an area as large as the WeltTellerFeld and would take care of it yourself. What would your personal WeltTellerFeld look like? Let us know about your ideas and see what others think. Share your ideas and visions on the time for utopias Board next to the Climate Justice Scale or online via this QR code.

Wild life at WeltTellerFeld
Many animals such as insects and earthworms, which are important for healthy and fertile soil, live at WeltTellerFeld. A badger also lives here. You can discover the entrance to his cave directly on the field. The badger can also be found on many signs along WeltTellerFeld. It reminds us to be considerate of the creatures we encounter here.

Accessibility at WeltTellerFeld
WeltTellerFeld should be a place that is as accessible and understandable as possible for everyone. To the left of the sign, you will find QR codes that allow you to listen to everything that is on that sign using your phone's read-aloud function. You can also read or listen to the information about WeltTellerFeld in simple German or in English.