What is WeltTellerFeld?

The WeltTellerFeld is a place that shows how much area our food takes up in Austria and other countries around the world. The field measures 3,000 m2. That is the area behind the average Austrian diet per year. About 50 different plants are grown here. One third are plants that we eat directly, such as fruit, vegetables or grains. On the other two thirds, plants are grown, which serve as food for the animals whose meat, milk and eggs we eat. More than half of the area is not located in Austria but in other countries around the world.

Explore WeltTellerFeld
Along the paths of WeltTellerFeld you will find information boards and stations that tell you more about our global food system. The sign “WeltTellerFeld Übersichtsplan” gives you an overview of the four parts of WeltTellerFeld. You'll also find labeled plates for each crop in the field, showing you what's growing on that piece of field. The plate color shows you which of the four parts of WeltTellerFeld you are currently in.

Help shape WeltTellerFeld
Would you like to be active in the fresh air, put your hands in the ground and learn more about your food in good company? On our hands-on days you can help shape WeltTellerFeld! Scan the QR code to learn more.

Experiences at WeltTellerFeld
There are workshops and guided tours for everyone who wants to know where their food comes from and how it is produced! Would you like to spend an exciting time at WeltTellerFeld with your friends, family, school class or colleagues? Scan the QR code to book workshops and experiences at WeltTellerFeld.

Wild life at WeltTellerFeld
Many animals such as insects and earthworms, which are important for healthy and fertile soil, live at WeltTellerFeld. A badger also lives here. You can discover the entrance to his cave directly on the field. The badger can also be found on many signs along WeltTellerFeld. It reminds us to be considerate of the creatures we encounter here.

Accessibility at WeltTellerFeld
WeltTellerFeld should be a place that is as accessible and understandable as possible for everyone. To the left of the sign, you will find QR codes that allow you to listen to everything that is on that sign using your phone's read-aloud function. You can also read or listen to the information about WeltTellerFeld in simple German or in English.