WTF – We Import Surface Area?

Facts and figures 

The area in foreign countries on which the plant-based foods that a person in Austria currently eats per year are cultivated, accounts for 22% of the total area of the WeltTellerFeld, at around 660 m2. This area on the WeltTellerFeld shows which plants farmers in other parts of the world grow for us. For example, wheat, corn or coffee. These foods are brought to Austria fresh or processed, where they find their way onto our plates.   

That’s how it is!? 

We use land abroad for plants that can also grow here! For example, for wheat or corn. We import most of this food from other EU countries, for example from Germany. Did you know that the banana is the second most popular fruit in Austria after the apple? It is not regional. It comes from far away, for example from Ecuador in South America. But we also use large areas of land in faraway countries for cocoa or coffee.  

For which of these foods do we need the largest areas? 
a) Cocoa trees
b) Banana trees
c) Coffee trees / Coffee bushes

The answer

We use the largest area for coffee. In Austria, the average area required per person per year is 117 m2 for coffee, 28 m2 for cocoa and 5 m2 for bananas.   

One thing I can do!  

When you buy a chocolate, the cocoa used for it comes from far away countries like the Ivory Coast in West Africa. The farmers plant and care for the cocoa trees and harvest the fruit. For this, they often earn only about two euros per day.    

When shopping, therefore, look for seals such as the Fairtrade seal, which stand for better wages and better working conditions. At the Global 2000 Seal of Approval Check you can find out which seals are better for people, animals and nature. Do you want to do more? Do you think every chocolate should be a fair chocolate? Then visit this page! Here you can learn how to promote fairness along the supply chain!